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Thank For Joining Me.. And Thank You, Loyal Ones

For the LOVE of Freedom, Thank you for you business and for keeping the internet happy with your lovely sites. For those of you who know me, you know I'm not just in this for the love of money, but rather the love of FREEDOM -- that's what the web is supposed to be all about. Never forget that. As naive as is sounds in today's world, we are still that reality! And I'm grateful to every single one of you nerdy mf'ers who are still pumping the web full of original goodness and creativity - whether it's to showcase poetry, launch new business ventures, publish truth over propaganda, just be geeky and keep the OG web scene alive! You give me the freedom to continue in my visions, and I'm happy to share a part in yours. If you don't already know because you are new here, you'll likely soon find out that whatever help you may need with bringing your vision to fruition on the web -- I'm the one who'll go the extra mile to make sure your site launches and meets your expectations if you reach out to me. And as far as hosting goes, our service level meets and exceeds even the top in the business -- We are one of the TOP! And our Hepsia web control panel is untouchable, making everything so quick and easy that nothing in the hosting world can compare. You can manage all your files, even edit them, register and start hosting domains and email, do instant updates of your nameservers, and add FREE SSL certificates effortlessly -- it's way awesome, those who know, know!! If you don't? Come sign up for a Free Trial. WPMU?? Yes. Just add a wildcard domain and start rocking. Also.. easily setup staging sites on subdomains to begin developing right away and get to a fast launch. You can go from grow and learn here too -- begin with cheap Shared Hosting and evolve with your traffic needs to VPS, or Semi-dedicated, to even Full Dedicated as you start reaching the masses!! Anyways, you can see I'm still passionate about our services and happily using them myself for all my crazy multitudes of ventures. Veterans hii!! ..and Newbies, come on!! All of You -- Let me know how I can help you on your web dev journey-- From Hosting right here, to beautiful Design, and onto Marketing yourself.. I'll be here, Blessings, - Brent


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